Memories from our photo tour to New Zealand 2017

In April this year, we went on our photo tour to New Zealand, which lasted for 16 days with amazing photo opportunities, adventures, laughter and lectures in photography and retouching.

Here are some of our favorite memories from the tour:

This night when we photographed the famous Wanaka Tree at dawn.


One day we took a helicopter to get to the Franz Josef Glacier, it was the first time in a helicopter for many of the participants and everyone took so many pictures!


The excitement!! Such a cool experience and everyone got amazing pictures.


Kia had to taste the glacier too, haha!


Happy gang!


A little rain can’t stop us!


Such an amazing place! The nature and landscapes in New Zealand never disappoints.


One warm evening with lots of pictures!


It’s all about the waterfalls! And there are just so many of them!


We went to geothermal areas, it was so stunning!! The colors! Omg!


One of many magical evenings.


Dinner – hobbit style!


Each location so different from the next! The fog in this forrest truly made our pictures even more magical.


Suddenly a rainbow appears, and of course we took pictures.


Happy Carolina!


We went on a beautiful boat ride.


Just wow!!



Carl kayaking one beautiful sunny day.


Roy Peak is a classic Instagrammed place (but no less cool for that) and it takes about three hours up on a steep path. It was worth every minute!


And we also got some cool night pictures on the way down.


Some of us went skydiving, the views were amazing!


And so was the adrenaline rush, omg!


Some spontaneous photo stops along the way.



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