Sandra Linnell came with us on our photo tour to Iceland

Sandra Linnell, also known as @sannalinn on Instagram, came with us on our photo tour to Iceland this year and here are some of her amazing pictures from the trip and her own story behind them:

This is the first shot I took after arriving in Iceland. I loved the fluffy green grass and the reflection of a new acquaintance.


Kerlingarfjöll. This place really blew my feet off the ground. I love that the geothermal steam looks like clouds and makes the stranger appear as if walking in the sky.


I’m always drawn to layers of blue and this is no exception. I think it’s the simplicity and sense of depth that gets me everytime.


Colors of Iceland. After following Emma up to the highest peak in the area we were able to see all over Landmannalaugar just as the sun was setting and my eyes was drawn to this beautiful patchwork.


Skaftafell reflected and framed.


Black sand and turquoise water makes my heart go boom.


Blue Lagoon makes me see minimal patterns in milky turquoise and black.


Walking on a glacier made me see patterns everywhere. This mini Universe consists of mud and ice.


Glacier abstract. Layers of a thousand years.


Abstract close-up of ice from the glacier lake Jökulsarlón. 


We were fortunate to experience a magical sunset by the glacier lake Jökulsarlón. I loved how the low sunlight hit the floating ice and made it shine like glass.


Helin’s expression and how the light falls…


When in Iceland…. Icelandic horse was definitely on my wish list. I like the contrasts of dark and bright in this one.


Searching for the pot of gold and I think we found it! This is Skógafoss and we arrived just in time for this beautiful rainbow to hang low for us and Cissi with her hair was the perfect model.


Observing the observers. Standing behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall as the sun was setting created this steamy light and long shadows.


You are standing behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the sun is setting and you rub your eyes because you can’t take in all that beauty (you also rub your lens because it’s getting sprayed over and over but that’s another story). At that moment  this wedding couple appears in front of your camera and there’s just not enough words t express that feeling.


I call this ”dreaming of Orcas”. That mountain really looks like an orca whale to me and it makes this place even more surreal and dreamy.


Interstellar. This is where they filmed the movie. It truly felt like a different planet.


Landmannalaugar. Texture and color heaven. Erik walking on the ridge gives a sense of perspective.


To see more of Sandra and her pictures – follow her on Instagram: @sannalinn

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