About Photography Tours

The award winning photographer Emma Svensson started doing photography tours in 2007 and founded her Swedish tour company in 2012. Now we bring it to the world!

With a vision to give every participant a experience beyond the usual at the same time as you develop as a photographer Emma and her team have been very successful with inspiring others over the years. We care about our clients. We are interested in you. We want you to grow as a photographer at the same time as you have an extraordinary experience and make new friends!

Our tours always include photography workshops and individual feedback on your photos. All to make sure you learn and get inspired as much as possible during our time together and come home with great photos for your portfolio.

But we also feel that the whole experience is important. So we eat local food at our favorite restaurants and always do extra activities on our tours for a greater experience. And we always offer tours with different grades of adventure in them. So you can choose what´s right for you.

We work together with our favorite photographers around the world to give you unique photo tours with the best possible guides. Something we often hear from our clients is that we share and care more then anyone else. And that our clients are really inspired during and after our tours. And that´s our passion! That´s how we want it to be.

We are very proud over our tours. We belive we have the best possible experience at the best possible price with an amazing team. We hope we get to bring you on an adventure!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, feedback or want to know something.


We have travel guarantee according to the law of EU at Kammarkollegiet in Sweden.