Emma Svensson

Emma is a legend in Sweden. After founding her concert photography agency at age 20 and winning several awards for her photography she moved on to shoot fashion and portraits and started a successful production company that now has 12 employees. She has been teaching photography for over ten years. First at a photography school and then working with the Academy at Fotografiska (The museum of Photography). But decided to create her own workshop & tour company in 2012. She is also a popular speaker and influencer within photography in Sweden always working for equality and help other reaching their dreams. Her life goal is to inspire others as much as she can.

She has a lot of passion for what she does and always have great stories to share. Except working as a full time photographer, running three companies and several projects at the same time she is also an adventurer who right now have her climbing project 49 peaks where she will summit the highest mountain in every country in Europe within one year. Hanging out with Emma on a photo tour will never be boring!

To see more of what Emma does follow her on Instagram: emmasvenssonphoto

Emma Grann

Emma Grann has a degree in commercial photography from the School of Photography in Stockholm and was handpicked from the program before her education was completed by Emma Svensson to come work for her team. Since then she has worked full time as a photographer at Studio Emma Svensson, and photographs for customers like Nelly.com, EoE Glasses, Levi’s and ELLE.

She also works with Photography Tours, where she is involved in the production and holding her own tours and workshops. There is no one who spends more spare time in our studio than Emma to photograph her own fashion projects and portfolio jobs that gets published in various online and printed magazines worldwide. A true source of inspiration!

To see more of what Emma Grann does follow her on Instagram: emmagrann

Frida Möller

Frida works full time as a photographer at Studio Emma Svensson since three years back with customers such as H&M, BON, Gina Tricot, Levi’s, River Island, Gant and ByMalina. She is one of our most popular photographers and have been working with Photography Tours for several years, holding her own yours and workshops. She is a real star!

To see more of what Frida Möller does follow her on Instagram: fridamoller_

Tobias Hägg / Airpixels

Tobias is a photographer and filmmaker born and based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Passionate about adventures and to explore new places from a unique perspective Tobias travels the world to capture the world as we never seen it before. Under the name of @airpixels on social media Tobias and his aerial work has been a success all over the world. 

Tobias will co-host on our photo tour to Patagonia 19-29 April 2018.

Mira & Thilda Berglind / We Are 365

The creative sisters Mira and Thilda photograph with the whole world as a base. They see themselves as memory collectors and camera hoarders. When they are not photographing, they live for adventures and to travel the world and capture it with their cameras. In addition to running their Instagram account @weare365, they have photographed assignments for Levi’s, Odd Molly, Veckorevyn, AWB, Nelly and they are ambassadors for Canon.

They have been working with Photography Tours together with Emma Svensson for over two years. They love to share their passion for photography, editing and to show people one of their other passions: Abandoned places. Places where the history is written in the walls. They love deserted, desolate places and enjoy themselves as well in front of the camera as behind.

Mira and Thilda are co-hosts on our photo tour Abandoned Places in Berlin 2018.