Terms & Conditions

1. Booking

A binding booking will be made when Photography Tours has received a completed booking form. A non refundable service fee of 300 euro of the travel cost will be paid within 30 days of receipt of a booking confirmation. The rest of the price of the tour has a due date the day before the tour starts.

You can also choose to pay for up to 6 months at no additional charge. Enter a partial payment when booking if you wish.

We send out an invoice for payment.


2. Cancellation

Any cancellation will be made in writing immediately if any obstacles to travel arise. If cancellation occurs we refund you the money (except the 300 euro service fee) if we fill the photo tour or you find a replacement for your spot. If we don´t fill the photo tour we refund according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the photo tour:

If you cancel more then 90 days from the start of the photo tour we will give you a full refund minus 300 euro service fee.

If you cancel 75 days or more before the photo tour we will give you a 75% refund minus the 300 euro service fee.

If you cancel 60 days or more before the photo tour we will give you a 50% refund minus the 300 euro service fee.

If you cancel less then 60 days before the photo tour there is no refund.

If the trip has already begun, no refund will be made, whatever the reason.

Cancellation will be made in writing to Photography Tours booking@photography-tours.com

Cancellation through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media is not valid.


3. Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you to get a trip cancellation & travel insurance and after booking the trip. In the case of participants’ illness or accidents that require evacuation and / or relegation of participants, the liability for these services rests entirely with the participant.


4. Health

To conduct a trip with Photography Tours you need to be in general good health. If you have medical problems or need special diet, it is important that you contact us in good time before departure. If you are unsure or have questions about the fitness required, consult us.

Please note that at any time during the trip, the leader is entitled to declare a participant unable to complete the trip, if the risk of the participant or the remaining group participants is at risk. You may not under any circumstances violate the law during a journey or against the rules set for the trip. Should this occur, we immediately cancel your participation on the trip.

If this happens, no refund will be made. By booking a trip, the participant attests that they are not suffering from physical or mental disorders that could endanger the health of the participant or the remaining group members. In case of illness or accident during the trip, the participant is responsible for the costs incurred. The journey continues as planned and the participant is welcome to return to the trip if possible before the trip is completed if the participant is getting well. We recommends that you take out insurance if something happens during the trip.


5. In case of price change

Photography Tours has the right to change a travel price if, for example, transport costs or exchange rates increase. Any price change notified before the trip.


6. Changing the roadmap

Changing the roadmap may happen if forced. If a trip is delayed or if a travel’s roadmap has to be modified due to bad weather, road conditions, delays of transport vehicles, state intervention or other events that we or its agents do not have, the price of these delays and changes is not included in the price . We also reserve the right to move the trip if compelled to carry out the trip.


7. Trip cancellation from our side

Photography Tours has the right to set a trip if forced. We will then refund the full fare, but will not be responsible for related expenses such as visa costs.


8. Change of guides

In case of serious illness, death, pregnancy or other serious event, we reserve the right to change course leaders/guides on the trip.


9. Limitation of liability

Photography Tours owners and employees act only as agents for owners, contractors and suppliers of transport and all related travel services and do not accept any liability for additional costs, personal injury, loss or damage to belongings that are a direct result of natural disaster, delay, quarantine, strike, theft, snattering, terrorism or anything else we do not have. Changes to the roadmap can be made to adjust the trip to the circumstances. In case of a participant’s illness or accident, aboard or landing, which requires evacuation and / or relegation of participants, the liability for these services rests entirely with the participant himself. We strongly advises you to take travel and accident insurance to cover costs in such a situation. If the participant has not subscribed to such insurance, the liability remains on the participant and Photography Tours disclaims all responsibility.


10. Photography Tours has made a travel guarantee at Kammarkollegiet in Sweden

A participant booking a trip and submitting a signed booking form must be aware of these special conditions.