The praise we live for

This trip is both a memory and an experience for a lifetime. Incredibly skilled team who took us to magic places in Iceland, the layout of the trip was carefully planned and you also got a lot of photography tips. I would recommend everyone to go on this to get new inspiration, exchange skills, meeting new friends and having amazing fun! When I look at the pictures from Iceland today I’m feeling so happy! Magical!

– Carolina Lundström, Iceland 2017

I have traveled with Photography Tours twice and each time I am equally impressed with how terrific they are. Best locations, at the best time of day, combined with feedback on my pictures and lectures. You always get the motivation to try to find some other angles and develop as a photographer, and you come home with pictures that are absolutely amazing! They are also really affordable with all the new exciting places every day. Combine this with restaurants specially selected to invite an intense taste experience and tutors who are passionate about teaching. I really recommend everyone I meet to accompany, not just for shooting but also just to enjoy these amazing places!

– Carl Holmén, Iceland 2016 and New Zealand 2017

Back in 2016 i really left my comfort zone when grouping up with a bunch of people i had never met, cramming into a van for a whole weekend, scouring the swedish countryside for abandoned places to photograph. However, it turned out to be such an amazing experience i had to tag along to Berlin the following year to shoot some abandoned places there aswell. On these two trips I did not only develop as a photographer, but also learned a bunch of new tricks in post production. I was also totallty new to directing models on a fashionshoots before my first trip, and well, I cant say im an expert now, but at least I know my do´s and dont´s. Most important though is that I made a bunch of new friends that i probably wouldnt meet if it werent for these kinds of trips. Cant recommend Photography Tours enough!

– Magnus Ewald, Abandoned Places in Sweden 2016 and Abandoned Places in Berlin 2017

The drive approaching Mt Cook was such an adrenalin rush that did not end until many days later. The NZ road trip was amazing! Endless opportunities with magical sceneries of so many different kinds, great coaching to develop my photography and lots of laughter with newfound friends. Would recommend this to everyone!

– Carolina Brandtman, New Zealand 2017

To see and experience the landscapes in Iceland felt unreal. Having seen places in pictures and then experiencing it in real life was an indescribable feeling and I still haven’t grasped that I have been to all these places.

– Erik Ulvdell, Iceland 2017

Abandoned places in Berlin was my second trip with Photography Tours and I have only had good experiences so there will be more. I think it’s so much more than just taking nice pictures on these trips; Like all new environments you may never have seen otherwise, and meeting new people – regardless of occupation and previous experience – that share the same interest.

– Christian Andre, Abandoned Places Berlin 2017 and Iceland 2016

My expectations on this trip were high but every single one of them were met by so much more! Every day was a new adventure with landscapes you’ve never experienced before. It’s hard to imagine that you’ve actually been in all the places you have pictures of. Magical trip!

– Maria Dristig, Iceland 2017

In profit and loss, I went with Photography Tours to Berlin, which I had never done before. And I met a wonderful knowledgeable and nice team and a trip meeting up to all my expectations and a bit more. The venues were perfect and I received great support from the team at all times.

– Alexander Boquist, Abandoned Places in Berlin 2017

Fairytale Iceland! Every day filled with adventure from morning to evening, new friends, magical views that leave you completely breathless and now afterwards have difficulty believing are real. I’m just saying: the memory cards are filled! My best trip so far, loved it!

– Tanja Larsensson, Iceland 2017

The advantage of Photography Tours is that you just hook up, you do not need to do any research or find the places. You just jump into a car. New Zealand has always been a dream trip of mine and I would probably go nuts trying to plan it myself. 

– Karolina Vohnsen, New Zealand 2017

This trip was absolutely magical, every day there were new discoveries and you just wanted to take the next step and see more!!! Amazingly arranged with so much knowledge, warmth and dedication!

– Petra Björstad, Iceland 2017

Iceland is one of the most magical places to photograph, for real. Black sands, natural springs, geysers, waterfalls and that fairytale look everywhere you go. But for me the best part of these trips is that I get to experience it with like minded people, meet new friends and learn from both Emma and her crew as well as the guests. On top of that I was always sure that we would be on the best location for the best light and I didn’t have to worry about missing something along the way.

– Peter Rosberg, Iceland 2017

I had never dreamed of going to New Zealand, but when the photo tour came out, I spontaneously booked the trip the same day. Why not go to the other side of the world and photograph cool places? My most beautiful memories are the days when we hiked Mt Roy & Mt Cook! Magic nature experiences and photo moments!

– Emelie Johansson, Iceland 2015 and New Zealand 2017

Iceland is truely amazing – its rough landscape, beautiful colors and fantastic food. I’m so happy that I got to go there. The organization before and during the trip was flawless – neat hotels, great photo stops and relevant feedback. The Photo crew is just fantastic. One of the best trips I’ve ever been on, for sure.

– Cecilia Säfström, Iceland 2017

I went on my first trip with Photography Tours when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been on many more since! It’s an absolut delight to be on these travels! The places you get to see, the people you get to know and all the new photo skills you get to go home with is why I love these trips! If you’re thinking of going with Fotoresor, don’t hesitate! It will be one of the best experiences ever!

– Amanda Vasilis, Abandoned Places Berlin 2017 and Iceland 2016

It was truly a magical adventure that kept the high speed I wanted. Iceland was a dream destination and I’m so grateful that the team put together such a fast-paced trip full of photo stops and that they were completely responsive to our wishes during the trip. Would go back with the same bunch tomorrow if I could. I have great pictures, memories and experiences with me.

– Natalie Greppi, Iceland 2017